Sunday, June 3, 2007

Q69. What was the reason of Baba's confidence against Kaala Pahaad?

Buddha satthiya gaya hai kya ?
10/24/2006 2:11 PM
Hi friends, I have one question for which I am not able to get any answers, hope fellow bhakts help me.

In the fight scene, when bulls says "jeetne waale ka inaam 100000 aur haarne waale ka 50000", the old man thinks "agar yeh 100000 rupaye mujhe mil jaayen to meri beti ki shaadi...". I can't understand how on earth that haddi ki dukkan think of winning the game. He very well might have thought of the 50000 prize for the loser. Please explain.

10/24/2006 8:06 PM
@ Buddha satthiya gaya hai kya ?
Lot of subtle factors at play there..
1. Buddha aims big.. chillar waala game nahi khelta woh
2. Buddha was the real life motivation behind Pai Mei (Kill Bill 2). Buddha is a martial arts expert who perfected the 5 point exploding heart technique...
Kaala Pahaad ka naseeb acchha tha jo Prabhu intervened. Prabhu knew that Black Mountain was just a front for Bulla and did not deserve such a horrendous death.


Uday said...

Again this has different levels of cinematic brilliance that kanti shah wanted to show the naive west aping movie viewers. He wanted to show through a mere mortal like the old man a quest of most humans for monetary and material stuff, just like pandavas in mahabharata. Then through prabhuji analogous to lord krishna and his divine intervention (telepathy) understanding the tumult in the bhaktas and coming to their aid, and killing the evil 'kala pahad'. Capturing all this in a scene and depicting it flawlessly indeed is kanti shahs gift to mankind

Rajarshi Tiwari said...

waise buddha could also loose two games and make 50000 x 2 = 100000 rupees :-)

Gishu said...

@Rajarshi Tiwari - maybe the oblique camera angles created an optical illusion. Bulla's ponzi scheme was that you lose you die.. no one left to collect the 50K.