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Q29. What is the mystery behind Prabhuji's ESTEEM ?

Left Hand Drive
9/2/2006 2:49 PM

I noticed in the climax scene:
1. Prabhu comes to meet Bulla in Maruti Esteem car, how did he afford one?
2. The best part he comes out from the Left Door so who was driving?
3. Is it that Prabhu got hold of Left hand drive maruti esteem in Ooty?
4. Or someone else was driving? but who? RANCHO!!

all this and much more above makes this film the BEST no doubt!!

9/5/2006 1:45 PM
The answer finally revealed to an age old question -

Q. Does Shankar's esteem have a left hand drive ? If not, who is driving the car ?
A. Shankar's Esteem is right-hand drive. But its the monkey whch is driving the car. (Note: After their marriage, when Geeta & Gulshan are about to leave in car, Shankar tells the monkey, "Tinku, Geeta ko chodkar aa". This is clearly proves my point about the monkey's driving skills)

A fallout question to the above reasoning could be :

Q.Why the hell does Shankar make the monkey drive the esteem in the climax scene ? Can't he drive by himself ?
A. Elementary. The esteem has got tinted glass & windshield. If Bhulla decided to shoot when the car is in motion - he would obviously aim at the driver's seat, since (behind the tinted glass) he expects Shankar to be at the steering wheel.
But Shankar has already anticipated this danger. So he puts the monkey in the driver's seat & sits to its left. Even if Bhulla fired, the bullet would miss the monkey's head by several inches.

I've said it a hundred times & I'll say it again - Kanti Shah rules !! THIS MOVIE IS FLAWLESS.

9/5/2006 3:14 PM
i am in complete agreement with u V !!!

9/5/2006 3:42 PM
V thanx for the answers! My soul was restless till now, i was scared that no one will provide me the correct answer for the LHS drive question i had posted earlier.. thanx again

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