Sunday, June 3, 2007

Q64. Why did Shankar choose a Coolie career with his vast talents ?

10/15/2006 5:20 AM
Bhai, I am more interested why Shankar despite his prodigious talents chose the career of a coolie

10/15/2006 10:04 AM
With his talent and dedication, one would expect Prabhuji to be in the army (Loha, Military Raj) or a policeman. But here is why he chose to be a coolie :

- Paap pe pooth, pita pe ghoda..... he has inherited the traits from his father and has the skills to join the force, which even the commissioner acknowledges, but Prabhuji's intention is to get rid of the criminals and he does not like being bound by the code within which the police operate. Note how, his father pleads to the inspector to arrest chutiya for his daughters murder. He is bound by the law to first find "saboot". Prabhuji on the other hand says 2..4..6..8..10..Bas.

- Prabhuji is a janta ka sevak, as showmn in the wwf-style fight in the port. What better way to interact with people than to be a coolie. Mind you Indian Railways is the largest employes in the world and he would want to spread the word around to all their employees. He is a part of the all-porters association and thats why he is seen at the Airport and the seaport.

- Also, the best way to get rid of the smuggling is by blocking it at the point of entry.. with his Porter network its a piece ofcake....Maybe he should be called Hari(shankar)-Porter !

10/16/2006 1:23 AM
@ Amit - thanks for the gyaan

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Praveen R. Bhat said...

Sorry, I couldn't help participating in human explanation of superhuman powers of Prabhuji, including the intelligence of Kanti and Bashir bhais.

Here are some more explanations:
--Shankar operated in what was later copied by CIA depiction in movies: undercover operations. Coolie job was Shankar's alibi.
--Recent acts of terrorism around the world including 9/11 and 26/11 were clearly foreseen by Kanti. If there had been a Shankar-like coolie at the US airports, 9/11 would have been avoided, and so would all the follow-on messy operations of Osama hunt. Ditto with 26/11 Mumbai, if Shankar-like coolie worked at the Mumbai docks.
--You may also notice that this idea goes further... Prabhuji in human body has gone through lot of tragedy himself and very much copied in Goodwill Hunting, decided to take a low profile job, totally against his IQ. The only diff is that Hunting needed a shrink to know that, Prabhuji doesn't!