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Q27. Why does Pitaaji's moustache take breaks in between scenes?

the elusive moustache
9/2/2006 10:34 AM

Guys, Shankar's father has a moustache which mysteriously appears & disappears in alternate scenes.
In the beginning of the movie he is shown with a moutache.
But in the scene of his daughter's funeral, his moustache has disappeared (watch closely when is standing alongside Shankar near the burning pyre).
In the very next scene - where he is advising Shankar to stay away from Bhulla & his hencemen, his moustache is found to be intact.
Soon after that, when he is pleading with the corrupt inspector, the moustache has vanished again.
Is this Kanti Shah's super-science or some sorcery ? Please explain

9/2/2006 10:54 PM
agreement of space and time:
the movie presents numerous plots and subplots where the time-space paradigm seem to be skewed(or it so looks like to us mortal souls). The exact location where all the incidents take place is quite baffling, we are presented with the serene cliff and Bazaars of ooty, airports and chawls of mumbai, Vidhan Saudha and High Court of Bangalore and the Beaches and Autorickshaws of Chennai. Even more baffling is how fast the space demsions are travelled with respect to time.
For example: when bulla tells Bacchu Bhagona that 'mera aadmi kala shetti uska game bajayega, aaj jab wo neta vidhan sabha jayega', next scene takes us to outside the Vidhan Saudha in Bangalore, where the neta is grabbed and killed. Then kaala shetty is seen to be running, and must have run a good 10 km before he reaches the bangalore airport, no policawala nabbing him by then, only to be swallowed up by the mahima of prabhuji. Agreed that the notorious Bangalore traffic might have screwed up a motorized chase for kala shetty, but 10 odd km in 10 seconds????
Someone please put forward a human consumable theory for us mortals to understand the intricacies of this baffling paradigm.

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ETC said...

to get an answer to 10km in 10sec run of kala shetty, we have to refer to our age old vedas/puranas, teachings from which KS have embedded in Gunda all along. The concept which was later copied in Matrix. There are a couple of concepts here:

1) When a person is killed/dies, unnatural death, his soul wanders on earth and is not given mukti. He wanders around to complete his unfulfilled tasks.

1) Ghosts have super human powers. They can perform the tasks which us humans cannot. Thus we should perform various rituals to keep our homes/offices ghosts free.

Keeping these teachings in mind. First Kala Shetty kills the neta. The neta's death is unnatural and untimely. His soul is stuck on earth. It seeks revenge. It needs to take revenge for moksha or savlavtion. The ghost enters the body of kala shetty. Since ghosts have super human powers, those powers get into kala shetty, which can now run at fierce speed and covers 10km in 10sec or so. The ghosts leads kala shetty to airport where prabhuji is waiting coz it knows that prabhuji will seek revenge on its behalf.

As to answer, why ghost dont kill kala ghoda itself. Coz if it commits any such thing, it has to repent and salvation will have to wait. so it prefers to lead kala shetty to prabhuji, who we all know is born on earth with the purpose to get earth rid of evil. The true son of God.