Friday, June 1, 2007

The FAQing Index! 26-50

FAQ's - and their LOGICAL answers
This thread was originally started by Vishal D.
Face it, the script writers of Gunda had definite reasons for all the happenings in the movie.

But those "explainatory scenes" got chopped at the editing table. Sad.

Here, we shall try and decipher what were the reasons behind those mysteries of this epic thriller.

Q26. Why does the cast talk in a poetic rhyming language?
Q27. Why does Pitaaji's moustache take breaks in between scenes?
Q28. From where does Bulla bring his daughter in the end of the battle to blackmail prabhuji?
Q29. What is the mystery behind Prabhuji's ESTEEM ?
Q30. Why does the judge announce his judgment only after Kala Shetty is a mile away?
Q31. How did Shanti Chachi know the baby's khandaan details ?
Q32. How did Hasseena manage an expedited Fedex bacha in just 15 days?
Q33. How come Ganga stayed with Prabhuji before marriage ?
Q34. Why is making love shown as fatal to the fairer sex ?
Q35. Was shankar treat the symptoms of evil instead of evil itself ?
Q36. Who ate Ibu's kela finally ?
Q37. How does one Prabhu push up elevate 3 mushtandas in the dockyard scene ?
Q38. Why doesn't Pitaaji fight back against despicable Inspector Kale ?
Q39. Which indestructible alloy are the autos made of ?
Q40. Why does Prabhuji go home between the dockyard clash ?

Q41. What does Shanti Chachi for a living ?
Q42. Who let Kala Shetty out ?
Q43. Why did Chuttiya have a pony tail ?
Q44. Why don't the laws of conventional physics apply?
Q45. How many times does an extra err... lesser gunda die ?
Q46. What came first ? Chuttiya or his name ?
Q47. How did K. Neta get Billi ka doodh ??
Q48. Is Gulshan near-sighted or does light pass through Mithunda?
Q49. Who does Pote belong to after all ??
Q50. Did Kanti father the movement against capital punishment?

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