Saturday, June 2, 2007

The FAQing Index! 51-75

FAQ's - and their LOGICAL answers
This thread was originally started by Vishal D.
Face it, the script writers of Gunda had definite reasons for all the happenings in the movie.

But those "explainatory scenes" got chopped at the editing table. Sad.

Here, we shall try and decipher what were the reasons behind those mysteries of this epic thriller.

Q51. Why does man-with-sword-in-belly say Lamboo aata ne mujhe "chakoo" maar diya?
Q52. Is IIT B doing case studies on Gunda ?
Q53. What was the gist of Chuttiya's famous Hai gulla bulla monologue?
Q54. Why the name Shankar in Loha n Gunda ?
Q55. How did Shankar afford a Esteem with a rocket launcher at such short notice?
Q56. Did Bulla finally fight Kala Shetty's case in Supreme court as promised?
Q57. Woh Baap dialogue "Pita pe poot..." ka saaransh kya hai?
Q58. How did Prabhuji manage to avoid Bulla after killing Chuttiya?
Q59. Does the earth rotate faster when Prabhu is fighting?
Q60. Was lamboo aata's 'mera bhai mar gaya' inspired by another artiste?
Q61. Can someone explain "Bulla ki jaana main kaun"?
Q62. Did someone muddy the waters of Chuttiya's khandaan?
Q63. What was Inspector Kale drinking before he turned RED BULL on havaldaar pitaaji ?
Q64. Why did Shankar choose a Coolie career with his vast talents ?
Q65. Why talwaar for Ganga when only chakoos for stalwarts like Lamboo, Kundan and K Neta?
Q66. How does Lamboo aata see things before they happen ?
Q67. How does Prabhuji pick up Baba's wireless broadcasts?
Q68. Why was Bappida not roped in for the music?
Q69. What was the reason of Baba's confidence against Kaala Pahaad?
Q70. 'Kyoon barf peeta hai whiskey mein daal ke?' ??!!

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