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Q7. What's up with practices like date-fixing etc depicted in the movie ?

8/23/2006 12:34 AM

One more question that has baffled the critics all over the world for years is why do all the people in the movie fix the date of death of the other person? What could be the motive behind this conccept?
Maybe, although no matter how ruthless they are shown they are actually very holy people. So they don't kill on some days of the week.So, they see the panchang and find a suitable date to do the honours.

9/2/2006 6:27 AM
Q:Whats the reason behind fixing the date of death ?
Like any other true professional, Bhulla lives up to the commitments made to his clients.
Haste to settle his personal score with Shankar ran the risk of defaulting on other "supari" deadlines.
But with all the existing workload, he is unable to fix a date for Shankar's death.

Q6. Why is "Toilet" written on the door ?

Why is "Toilet" written on the door in Bulla's house?
8/22/2006 11:46 PM

Why is the word "TOILET" written on the toilet door in Bhulla's house? Also, similar to a public-toilet, why is there a separate Gents & Ladies section?

This question has puzzled critics since the movie's first screening. The answer is quite simple.

Several scenes in the movie show that Bhulla's house is always filled with visitors. These visitors range from corrupt government officials & goons to call-girls & transexuals.

To avoid confusion among his "diverse" group of guests Bhulla has made a separate toilet for each gender.
"Toilet" is written on the door so that it can be easily located by the guest & saves the trouble of asking embaressing questions like "Where is the toilet ?"
Also, in order that this movie retains its global appeal - the word "Toilet" is used instead of the Hindi equivalent "Shauchalay".

Kanti Shah's eye for detail is unbelievable. No wonder Mithun da chose him as director instead of Spielberg or Francis Cuppola.

Q5. How can so a handful of gundas drive so many ambassadors ?

8/22/2006 10:41 AM
In the fighting sequence between the gundas sent by the inspector and Prabhuji there are innumerable ambassodors but still just a handful of people emerge from them. Why?

Maybe because Prabhuji's style and enigma scares most of the gundas to hell and drives them away.So they just drive to the place and when they see Prabhuji they run off before we can see them

10/2/2006 7:15 PM
G#3: Synchronized Ambassadors Item
During Inspector Kale's death scene,
Initially the white ambassadors are all in random formation...
After some Kale warmup, the ambassadors magically align into 2 lines
When Mithunda finally releases Kale from his mortal body, the ambassadors have formed a circle around him.
All very baffling since there were only 7 bhade ke tattu to drive around 20+ ambassadors and control the doors via remote control, while Prabhuji is dealing with Kale.

Q4. How many people die in the movie ?

8/22/2006 1:59 AM
Q. How many people die in the movie ? True fans should give the list of names.

8/22/2006 6:36 AM
how many ppl die
Let me start the list of ppl who dies. This may not be a complete list... please extend it fellow bhakts :)... the killer is also given.

1 Bulla ka aadmi by lambu atta (entry scene of bulla)
2 Kundan (lambu atta's bro) by bulla (mera bhai mar gaya re bhaiii)
3 Bulla's sister by Lambu (munni mere bahen munni...)
4 Lambu atta by bulla
5 Kafanchor neta by kala shetty
6 Prabhuji's sister by chutiya
7 Prabhuji's father by taklu inspector
8 Pote by none other than Prabhuji
9 Kala shetty by prabhuji
10 Ibu hatela by prabhuji
11 Inspector by prabhuji
12 Chutiya by prabhuji
13 Bulla along with many of his aadmis - all by prabhuji
14 Prabhji's love interest by bulla

Vic Rattlehead
9/3/2006 1:19 AM
in reply 2 death of people..... GULSHAN( chikna ladka) is also killed by prabhu ji

Q3. While chasing Chutiya to Bhulla's house, why does Shankar do a dance before he enters?

Q3. While chasing Chutiya to Bhulla's house, why does Shankar do a dance before he enters?
8/22/2006 12:28 AM

A. Here lies the greatness of Prabhuji.We know that he's one of the greatest solo dancers of all-time. But the film's script allows him only romantic duet dances with Ganga. So before the storyline starts to get bloody, Prabhuji manages to squeeze in a few solo dance steps to avoid disappointing his fans.
However this is noticable only to the discerning eye. The ignorant viewer will dismiss this as a movie-blooper

Vic Rattlehead
9/3/2006 1:19 AM
as far as dancing to the tunes of his behan's death is concerned..... dat was PRABHU JI'S TAANDAV....

Q2. Does Shankar work at the airport or the shipyard ?

Q2. Does Shankar work at the airport or the shipyard ?
8/22/2006 12:28 AM

A. Shankar works full-time at the shipyard. He goes to the airport only to park his aircraft, which he uses to commute from his house to his workplace. Let me explain -
The movie gives countless instances of air-travel & air-crafts being amazingly affordable & within the reach of the common man.(I'm sure this reflects Prabhuji's vision of a developed India.)

I corroborate my theory with facts -
  • The airport seems more like a taxi-stand/ parking lot. (a)Kalia Shetty assasinates kafanchor neta & cooly runs upto his getaway copter. (b) Shankar keeps his yellow aircraft parked here perpetually.(c) Anyone can freely walk or even sit & cry on the runway. No security hassles.
  • Shankar's house is located in a rural area (Observe the deserted surroundings & poor lighting at his house). How do you suppose he goes to the shipyard everyday ? By his yellow aircraft, of course. (He's just got out of his aircraft, when he sees Kalia Shetty making a getaway & nabs him).
  • If an aircraft is affordable to a coolie then obviously Ambassadors & rickshaws have to be dirt-cheap. That explains how you can line up 30-Ambassadors & 150-rickshaws at an instant's notice. Thus Shanker can easily own an Esteem.
  • There are acres of barren land shown in many scenes (eg. climax fight with Bhulla, sister's rape, dad's way home before he gets murdered). These are obviously ear-marked for aircraft parking.

Q1 - Did Mithun work as a coolie at the Airport or the shipyard?

Vishal D.
8/21/2006 12:24 AM
Did Mithun work as a coolie at the Airport or the shipyard?

Ans- Both. By day, he was at the ship yard (he is seen at the dock in the monings)
By evening, his shift is at the airport (in his entry scene at the airport, he had just arrived for duty, when he happened to stop the takla goon)
Which leads him to reach home late at night (scene where he enters and asks for his sis)
Working two shifts allowed him to maintain his extravagant life"style"
Did i hear a "Aaaha!"?

8/21/2006 5:47 AM
Wow scientist of this community....

Eric Cartman
8/21/2006 11:43 AM
when Prabhuji`s goes to bulla`s house to wreak vengeance in lieu of His devi jaisi sister`s rape, why he enters the room dancing ?
Few plausible reasons explaining this behaviour :
*Prabhuji was relieved a bit tht He now no more needed to be worried about His sister`s rape/abduction anymore.
*Prabhuji was unfettered by the mortal loss, afterall he is SO Strong . so tuff he is.

Well, junta Plz add /modify/delete any other possible explanations

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This thread was originally started by Vishal D.
Face it, the script writers of Gunda had definite reasons for all the happenings in the movie.

But those "explainatory scenes" got chopped at the editing table. Sad.

Here, we shall try and decipher what were the reasons behind those mysteries of this epic thriller.

Q1. Did Mithun work as a coolie at the Airport or the shipyard?
Q2. Does Shankar work at the airport or the shipyard?
Q3.While chasing Chutiya to Bhulla's house, why does Shankar do a dance before he enters?
Q4. How many people die in the movie ?
Q5. How can so a handful of gundas drive so many ambassadors ?
Q6. Why is "Toilet" written on the door in Bulla's house?
Q7. What's up with practices like date-fixing etc depicted in the movie ?
Q8. How does Shankar manage to overtake the motorcade and get three attempts on Mantri ?
Q9. Why is Shankar arrested only for the murder which he did not commit ?
Q10. How does Mantri's car do back flips with just one bullet from Prabhuji ?
Q11. LA Death Scene : who pushes lambu ata when he falls down before they kill him?
Q12. Climax : Who pays the rickshaw fare ?
Q13. why does the monkey hide his testicles ONLY in his entrance scene?
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Q21. Being a coolie, why does Prabhuji introduce himself as a Gunda?
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Q23. How did Fat Guy run a marathon with a sword in his belly ?
Q24. How come all the acts of violation were performed with the clothes on ?
Q25. Why are most murders done on the airstrip?