Saturday, June 2, 2007

Q55. How did Shankar afford a Esteem with a rocket launcher at such short notice?

10/9/2006 11:30 PM
Mithun Da, was a coolie, but where the hell did he get that maruti Esteem(with a Rocket launcher in dikki)??

10/10/2006 10:54 AM
bOOTY has a very lucrative gun running operation due to the aunty-social elements in the area. Remember the machine guns that launch bombs in LOHA ? To jab Prabhu ekdum karodon ka latesht 'Scatter effect rocket launcher' order karte hain, to zaahir hai thaili mein nahi denge na.. The gun runners gift wrap it in a Maruti Esteem on delivery. It is totally within the watertight script of Gunda.


Anonymous said...

esteem kya agar prabhuji chahte to helicopter late aur upar se bomb girake sare auto uda dete.
koi shaque???

Rusty's World said...

aur to aur saala mithun coolie reh kar kala shetty ko pakadwaane airport kaise kya aata yaar, kuch bhi?

Dark Horizon said...

Its quite simple actually. Shankar works in a shipyard, and a hell lot of smuggling of arms/drugs/electronics/imported cars goes on over there. So Shankar gets an imported car from there, he changes the logo and design to maruti esteem, so the traffic havaldar won't catch him for driving an unregistered imported car. He also gets the rocket launcher from LTTE/LET terrorists who do smuggling of arms through the shipyard.

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