Friday, June 1, 2007

Q44. Why don't the laws of conventional physics apply?

10/4/2006 1:57 PM
Because of the following scenes, I think the story of Gunda is not enacted on Planet earth, but a new planet altogether :

1. Distance and Time are inversly proportional - On earth, u need more time to cover a larger distance, but in Gunda, Kala Shetty covers the distance from Vidhan Soudha to Bangalore airport in a matter of 5-10 seconds. Thats a good 8-10 kms..However, the auto's in the end sequence, which seem to be hardly any distance away from Prabhu ji, takes a lifetime to cover the distance. So there u go.. it takes less time to cover greater distances and vice-versa.

2. The laws of gravity that exist on earth does not hold good there. Check the parabolic path Bulla's kid takes when he tosses it up in the air.

I am convinced that Kanti Shah is an expert in the field of motion studies in Physics and also has great insights into missile technology ( the path taken by the kid was inspired by the way missiles operate.. I wonder if President Abdul Kalam has also studied under his chatro chaya).

Kanti shah is also an expert in Human Behaviourial sciences. While most naive viewers would dismiss Bulla's reaction to his sisters death as shocking, the answer to his rather cold reaction is given in the very next sequence, where he says, kala dhanda karne walon ki maa, behan beti ki zindagi ka koi bharosa nahin hota... this shows that Bulla has accepted these as occupational hazards.. Only an expert can bring out such a mature reaction.

@ Amit

10/5/2006 10:20 AM

If Elvis has GraceLand, Mithunda has BootyLand a.k.a. Ooty. And it is his duty to please that booty. 1,3,5,7, Nau... Bajao!!!!

I see that you can see the genius that is KantiShah. But you have not completely fathomed it (nor have I... it has no bottom)

1. The ricks can't reach Mithun... coz he is out of the grasp of the common man... woh apne samajh se pare hain. That is the metaphor portrayed by the scene jahan is duniya ke mamooli rickshawaale (again a sub-metaphor of people running behind things that don't matter) jitna bhi koshish kar le.. prabhu ke nazdeek bhi nahi pahunch sakte.

2. Also the parabolic path of the baby was again Prabhu's maya. If it was a normal fling, the immense downward G forces would have caused irreparable damage to the baby's internal organs (Chuttiya was the unfortunate result of a bad attempt by a lesser god - VijayKanth down south) . By imparting that subtle spin while releasing the babe, he took care that the G Forces are distributed evenly on the spinning baby.

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Abba said...

Atleast with Newtonian physics, objects do travel in a parabolic fashion when thrown (see Resnick and Halliday). Also, there are no g-forces in flight (a freely falling object is an inertial frame of reference in general relativity) except possibly from spinning. However, the end of the fall is where the problem happens :) .

Again, we are shown Kanti Shah's encyclopaedic knowledge of science. :)