Saturday, June 2, 2007

Q58. How did Prabhuji manage to avoid Bulla after killing Chuttiya?

Chutiya Hatya ka rahasya
10/11/2006 11:23 PM

When Prabhuji kills Chutiya in the loo, and exits, in exactly 5 seconds Bulla enters through the same door....Did Bulla not meet make matters worse, it is the innermost door of the loo (as you would've seen Prabhuji keeps beating up Chutiya and taking him further inside the loo)...So did PrabhuJi jump out of the window or hide in one of the doors named "Ladies"/"Gents"

10/12/2006 9:48 AM
@Chutiya Hatya ka rahasya...
Cheeta-Mani ji..
I think this lends further evidence to my theory of Prabhu's selective visibility. Apparently he can decide which people can see him...
(another case of hollywood shamelessly lifting themes from here - Hollow Man ?)
See my approx post#150 in this thread "Near sighted Gulshan". Prabhu ki personality highly priced Kande jaisi hai... multiple layers.. aur har layer ko uncover karte hi aankhon se gyan ki dharaayen...
JAI Prabhu (sob sob sob)

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Vasu said...

bulla's date was fixed on 10th (2,4,6,8,10.. bas)by prabhuji. chutiya was killed on the prabhuji didnt meet him that day. He does not break previously made commitments.