Friday, June 1, 2007

Q24. Why does Chutiya hide in the toilet?

Why does Chutiya hide in the toilet?
9/1/2006 5:32 AM
one question...i am baffled..i have torn my clothes...killed so many ppl...coz i am not able to get the answer for this one...why the hell does chutiya decides to hide in toilet...oops..toilets......what was so charming...mesmerising..nice abt toilets for him to hide therehe could have chosen any other place..and how come in the next scene...he is kicked in the face by prabhuji...
prabhuji knew he was going to hide in toilets?.......

Atlas Shrugged
9/1/2006 5:39 AM
ya he says "kisi aisi jagah chupta hoon jahan shankar to kya,uski parchai bhi nahi dhoond payegi.kahan chupoon?haan!!toilet mein!!"
anybody wants to enlighten on y the toilet is so good a place to hide?

Amit Gore
9/1/2006 6:01 AM
@ Toilet
Maybe ChuTiya isn't as dumb as he might sound. He must hv thought, lets hide in Ladies toilet, where a mard like Shankar or his parchhaee wudn't be able to reach. But, as everyone know, Prabhuji ki maaya aparampaar hai, he finds him out.

9/1/2006 6:27 AM
See, He thought that by hiding in the laddies toilet, he could exploit Prabhuji's Chivalry; However, he kept getting confused about which one was which (hence, shifting b/w twoileets)

Vishal D.
9/1/2006 2:41 PM
Q: anybody wants to enlighten on y the toilet is so good a place to hide?

Ans: Prabhuji is invincible. He doesnt eat or sleep (but he does does drink alcohol, which 100% disemminates into his body). Then why should he ever need to use the toilet? (No input : no output)

Chuttiya was aware of the fact that toilets would be the last place Prabhuji or his shadow would go; and hence hid there.

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