Sunday, June 3, 2007

Q70. 'Kyoon barf peeta hai whiskey mein daal ke?' ??!!

'Kyoon barf peeta hai whiskey mein daal ke?'
10/24/2006 8:12 PM

'Kyoon barf peeta hai whiskey mein daal ke?'
Can't get this line from the Nasha Nasha chartbuster...
Is it coz Ganga is so would-be-pativrata that she can't call him an alcoholic
or is she somehow suggesting that Prabhu is ice-cool
or is it a case of a expert Hindi grammatical contortion...
Deep lyrics thy name is GUNDA.

10/25/2006 2:16 AM
Very true Gishu...Gunda definitely shows the world the true meaning of deep lyrics...The line simply brings out the confidence of the girl..She is simply asking Mithun da why he needs to gulp alcohol(with ice - simply to confuse people) for intoxication when she could inebriate him with her mere presence...(Am sure some parts of her body managed to do that with the audience as well..)

10/25/2006 10:26 AM
Par Prabhu barf pee rahe the ya whiskey that is the question...
How can one drink ice? Was Ganga talli ???
As for Ganga's assets.. it's a testament to my control and perseverance that I was able to hear the lyric with all those moving parts on screen

10/25/2006 11:13 AM
hey Gishu, "barf" when read as a English word has an altogether different meaning !!
REad ur scrap once again - with the American usage of "barf"

10/25/2006 9:52 PM
@ Kyun Barf peeta hai whiskey mein dalkar
PrabhuJi has shown his goldy nature right from LOHA where he gulps the last drop of Daru from the broken bottle (not bothering about the kaanch ke reze)...and till Gunda where everyday he guzzles so that there is less liqour left for others to consume..wah prabhuji wah.....Ganga being the ignorant soul (due to which PrabhuJi alwayz shuns her which leads her to sing a sad song--Tum Bin Jeena Raas Na Aaye also)feels that PrabhuJi is drinking heavily to satisfy his craving...and tries to tell him that--Why r u drinking water/Barf with whiskey when it can be had attempt to pin point PrabhuJi as an alchoholic...which makes him go wild in the next scene where he bad mouths Ganga in front of his sister...Bhaktjanon tell me how can PrabhuJi marry this ignorant dame...

10/27/2006 10:03 AM
All for the best.. that also explains why Ganga is bumped off the plot soon.
Ratan Noora seems to be following Prabhu's footsteps..
'Main samaj se sharab ka saaf kar doonga
Roz 2 bottle saaf kar doonga'

10/27/2006 11:42 PM
Thats awesome mate! BARF!!!!! LMAO.

Q69. What was the reason of Baba's confidence against Kaala Pahaad?

Buddha satthiya gaya hai kya ?
10/24/2006 2:11 PM
Hi friends, I have one question for which I am not able to get any answers, hope fellow bhakts help me.

In the fight scene, when bulls says "jeetne waale ka inaam 100000 aur haarne waale ka 50000", the old man thinks "agar yeh 100000 rupaye mujhe mil jaayen to meri beti ki shaadi...". I can't understand how on earth that haddi ki dukkan think of winning the game. He very well might have thought of the 50000 prize for the loser. Please explain.

10/24/2006 8:06 PM
@ Buddha satthiya gaya hai kya ?
Lot of subtle factors at play there..
1. Buddha aims big.. chillar waala game nahi khelta woh
2. Buddha was the real life motivation behind Pai Mei (Kill Bill 2). Buddha is a martial arts expert who perfected the 5 point exploding heart technique...
Kaala Pahaad ka naseeb acchha tha jo Prabhu intervened. Prabhu knew that Black Mountain was just a front for Bulla and did not deserve such a horrendous death.

Q68. Why was Bappida not roped in for the music?

Q: What wasn't BappiDa consulted ?
10/24/2006 1:02 AM
Not to belittle the music director or the production crew...
But BappiDa would have catapulted this movie to the stratosphere and kept it there with sheer 'Malady'. The bappi-Mithun combo has moved many a mountain...

Shankar Shankar Shankar aaja aaja...
( you know Jimmy Jimmy was a Huge hit in Japan.. I read somewhere that is what they identify as an Indian song)
something like "Yaad aa raha hai tera pyaar..." in Bappi's voice when Geeta dies would have brought the house down

Vishal D.
10/24/2006 2:45 AM
bwa ha ha ha ha

Q67. How does Prabhuji pick up Baba's wireless broadcasts?

10/23/2006 10:04 AM
1. How does prabhuji know what that old coolie says even when that old coolie doesnt utter a single word?
2.How is the bazooka automatically reloaded?
3.What is the distance between the digging site and the harbour(that guy who is shouting bulla bulla in the start)?

10/24/2006 10:44 AM
@ Yasho's duvidhas
1. Prabhu to antaryaami hai.. woh man ki baat jaan lete hain. In this case, I think it was also respect for the elderly 'baba'. Virtue thy name is Shankar.
2. The Guns shown in Gunda are auto-reload high-tech cutting edge stuff. See
3. As to the exact distance, I think it was 3.14187931 miles to Bulla's adda by my reckoning..

Q66. How does Lamboo aata see things before they happen ?

Spiritual Lambu Atta
Amit Gore
10/22/2006 2:30 AM

Guys hv u ever looked at the spiritual aspects of the villians in the film. For e.g. Lambu Atta in starting scene predicts that he'll send Bulla's man running to Bulla, with knife in stomach, crying out lou "Bulla... Bulla... Bulla...". Then few seconds later in next scene, you actually see that happening exactly. Jai Ho, Lambu Atta ki Jay ho. Prabhuji zindabad!


10/22/2006 2:57 AM
Nothing adhyatmic about it
It's just part of the Lamboo Aata school of management.

Many huge corporations have trouble with the 'Say-Do'culture. Not being able to give the customers what they want and on time,
They say we'll deliver you an Arbi horse within a year so that you can bypass the traffic to work and get more done in your day.
After TWO+ years, the corporation gives the customer an overweight over-budget Elephant saying that you gave us wrong requirements.

What Lamboo says, he does. That is why he is highly revered in management circles. Drucker to uska langotiya yaar hai... just that he started writing while Lamboo was leading by example.

Q65. Why talwaar for Ganga when only chakoos for stalwarts like Lamboo, Kundan and K Neta?

10/16/2006 1:43 AM
A 4-inch long knife is good enough to penetrate the pot-belly of Kafanchor neta, Kundan & Lambu Aata. But two 12-inch swords are required to kill Ganga, although she has such a super-trim body.
Why ??

10/16/2006 10:08 AM
@ Mystery of swords
Actually tender 26 inch ke chakoo ka hua tha. But in this country of immaculate corruption, delivery tak teen 4 inch ke aur do 12 inch ke

Kanti had to wade thru corruption to get this film to the people. He made the most of whatever they gave him. He used the bigger ones where the characters wanted to make an example / statement
"Bulla.... Bulla... Lamboo Aata ne mujhe chakoo maar diya"

Q64. Why did Shankar choose a Coolie career with his vast talents ?

10/15/2006 5:20 AM
Bhai, I am more interested why Shankar despite his prodigious talents chose the career of a coolie

10/15/2006 10:04 AM
With his talent and dedication, one would expect Prabhuji to be in the army (Loha, Military Raj) or a policeman. But here is why he chose to be a coolie :

- Paap pe pooth, pita pe ghoda..... he has inherited the traits from his father and has the skills to join the force, which even the commissioner acknowledges, but Prabhuji's intention is to get rid of the criminals and he does not like being bound by the code within which the police operate. Note how, his father pleads to the inspector to arrest chutiya for his daughters murder. He is bound by the law to first find "saboot". Prabhuji on the other hand says 2..4..6..8..10..Bas.

- Prabhuji is a janta ka sevak, as showmn in the wwf-style fight in the port. What better way to interact with people than to be a coolie. Mind you Indian Railways is the largest employes in the world and he would want to spread the word around to all their employees. He is a part of the all-porters association and thats why he is seen at the Airport and the seaport.

- Also, the best way to get rid of the smuggling is by blocking it at the point of entry.. with his Porter network its a piece ofcake....Maybe he should be called Hari(shankar)-Porter !

10/16/2006 1:23 AM
@ Amit - thanks for the gyaan