Thursday, May 31, 2007

The FAQing Index ! 1-25

FAQ's - and their LOGICAL answers
This thread was originally started by Vishal D.
Face it, the script writers of Gunda had definite reasons for all the happenings in the movie.

But those "explainatory scenes" got chopped at the editing table. Sad.

Here, we shall try and decipher what were the reasons behind those mysteries of this epic thriller.

Q1. Did Mithun work as a coolie at the Airport or the shipyard?
Q2. Does Shankar work at the airport or the shipyard?
Q3.While chasing Chutiya to Bhulla's house, why does Shankar do a dance before he enters?
Q4. How many people die in the movie ?
Q5. How can so a handful of gundas drive so many ambassadors ?
Q6. Why is "Toilet" written on the door in Bulla's house?
Q7. What's up with practices like date-fixing etc depicted in the movie ?
Q8. How does Shankar manage to overtake the motorcade and get three attempts on Mantri ?
Q9. Why is Shankar arrested only for the murder which he did not commit ?
Q10. How does Mantri's car do back flips with just one bullet from Prabhuji ?
Q11. LA Death Scene : who pushes lambu ata when he falls down before they kill him?
Q12. Climax : Who pays the rickshaw fare ?
Q13. why does the monkey hide his testicles ONLY in his entrance scene?
Q14. Why no hospital scene ?
Q15. Why the Ibu Hatela death location continuity goof-up ?
Q16. What's up with the hanging khatiyas / Latakta Circus ?
Q17. Why the Learner L boards on the military trucks in the climax?
Q18. Why is there this economic disarray among the lower echlons of society?
Q19. Why the not so subtle references to London in the movie?
Q20. Climax : How come multiple explosions from one Prabhu grenade?
Q21. Being a coolie, why does Prabhuji introduce himself as a Gunda?
Q22. What happened to Bulla's chained leopard ? [Unanswered]
Q23. How did Fat Guy run a marathon with a sword in his belly ?
Q24. How come all the acts of violation were performed with the clothes on ?
Q25. Why are most murders done on the airstrip?


Rishabh said...

Just one more doubt:
Why were the girls who were raped in the movie scantily clothed before the rape incidents, bulla's sis as well as Shankar's sis ?

Nitish said...

No doubt sisters in this movie are damn hott... and to serve the purpose of indian viewers they are scantly clad. We can still enjoy rape scenes ...

sam said...

One more technical doubt ...
when the police inspector(forgot the name :D) comes along with more than 20 cars (ambassadors to be specific) there are only 6-7 men who come to fight shankar... and the orientation of car changes in 1 second ...


A few more to add to the list -
Why don't real life villains introduce themselves with catchy / inane four or two liners?
What knotty issue were the police solving while the Mantri was killed by 'Shetty' outside the Parliament ?..they had gu...ns, he just had a pen knife !
do villains really react euphimistcially to the death of family members? case in point - ibu hatela and his bro, bulla and his sis !!

Radhakrishnan P. said...

Since this is the ultimate source for every Gunda-related question, I would like to share this with you guys. It's my theory that Gunda takes place in a similar universe to that of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) games.

BazBadur said...

Dear I am using Some of your Content
on my Gunda Meme Page on Facebook

You have assembled some great information here about the best movie of all time.

BazBadur said...
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BazBadur said...
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Sandeep Kandwal said...

I am latest fan of this epic. I have a small query. Could someone elaborate how exactly Shankar's sister die.