Sunday, June 3, 2007

Q66. How does Lamboo aata see things before they happen ?

Spiritual Lambu Atta
Amit Gore
10/22/2006 2:30 AM

Guys hv u ever looked at the spiritual aspects of the villians in the film. For e.g. Lambu Atta in starting scene predicts that he'll send Bulla's man running to Bulla, with knife in stomach, crying out lou "Bulla... Bulla... Bulla...". Then few seconds later in next scene, you actually see that happening exactly. Jai Ho, Lambu Atta ki Jay ho. Prabhuji zindabad!


10/22/2006 2:57 AM
Nothing adhyatmic about it
It's just part of the Lamboo Aata school of management.

Many huge corporations have trouble with the 'Say-Do'culture. Not being able to give the customers what they want and on time,
They say we'll deliver you an Arbi horse within a year so that you can bypass the traffic to work and get more done in your day.
After TWO+ years, the corporation gives the customer an overweight over-budget Elephant saying that you gave us wrong requirements.

What Lamboo says, he does. That is why he is highly revered in management circles. Drucker to uska langotiya yaar hai... just that he started writing while Lamboo was leading by example.

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