Saturday, June 2, 2007

Q61. Can someone explain "Bulla ki jaana main kaun"?

The Rabbi Shergill-GUNDA Connection
10/13/2006 3:03 AM

Did you know that Rabbi Shergill, the rocking Sardar has paid tribute to GUNDA in a very philosophical way...His popular track "Bulla Ki Jana Main Kaun" is actually sung in praise of Bulla....Just read on-

Na main rainda band sharaban (I dont stay in alchohol bottles)...Did we see Bulla ever drinking in GUNDA?

Na main Jagan na vich soun (I am neither in the asleep nor the awake)- Havent we always seen Bulla lying down bare chested neither sleeping or awake

Na main shaadi na kamnaki (neither I am in marriage nor in single status)- Havent we seen Bulla extracting Haseena ka Paseena and also becoming a father but throughout remaining unmarried....

Bratman returns
10/13/2006 3:07 AM
Cheetha Mani tu GOD hai bhai

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