Thursday, May 31, 2007

Q6. Why is "Toilet" written on the door ?

Why is "Toilet" written on the door in Bulla's house?
8/22/2006 11:46 PM

Why is the word "TOILET" written on the toilet door in Bhulla's house? Also, similar to a public-toilet, why is there a separate Gents & Ladies section?

This question has puzzled critics since the movie's first screening. The answer is quite simple.

Several scenes in the movie show that Bhulla's house is always filled with visitors. These visitors range from corrupt government officials & goons to call-girls & transexuals.

To avoid confusion among his "diverse" group of guests Bhulla has made a separate toilet for each gender.
"Toilet" is written on the door so that it can be easily located by the guest & saves the trouble of asking embaressing questions like "Where is the toilet ?"
Also, in order that this movie retains its global appeal - the word "Toilet" is used instead of the Hindi equivalent "Shauchalay".

Kanti Shah's eye for detail is unbelievable. No wonder Mithun da chose him as director instead of Spielberg or Francis Cuppola.

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