Thursday, May 31, 2007

Q5. How can so a handful of gundas drive so many ambassadors ?

8/22/2006 10:41 AM
In the fighting sequence between the gundas sent by the inspector and Prabhuji there are innumerable ambassodors but still just a handful of people emerge from them. Why?

Maybe because Prabhuji's style and enigma scares most of the gundas to hell and drives them away.So they just drive to the place and when they see Prabhuji they run off before we can see them

10/2/2006 7:15 PM
G#3: Synchronized Ambassadors Item
During Inspector Kale's death scene,
Initially the white ambassadors are all in random formation...
After some Kale warmup, the ambassadors magically align into 2 lines
When Mithunda finally releases Kale from his mortal body, the ambassadors have formed a circle around him.
All very baffling since there were only 7 bhade ke tattu to drive around 20+ ambassadors and control the doors via remote control, while Prabhuji is dealing with Kale.


Niranjan Maddy said...

This is the best blog i have read... As a basheer bhai babbar & kanti shah fan.. i am priviliged to read this..
Absolutelyamazing answers to the innumerable queries we had. There will never be another Gunda...
Cheers mate!!!!

Gishu said...

It's only fitting that we do our part to futher the legacy and religion that is Gunda!
I just hope someone gathers the balls and the cast to make the mucch rumored and discussed 'Son of Gunda' before I leave this world... :)

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