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Q2. Does Shankar work at the airport or the shipyard ?

Q2. Does Shankar work at the airport or the shipyard ?
8/22/2006 12:28 AM

A. Shankar works full-time at the shipyard. He goes to the airport only to park his aircraft, which he uses to commute from his house to his workplace. Let me explain -
The movie gives countless instances of air-travel & air-crafts being amazingly affordable & within the reach of the common man.(I'm sure this reflects Prabhuji's vision of a developed India.)

I corroborate my theory with facts -
  • The airport seems more like a taxi-stand/ parking lot. (a)Kalia Shetty assasinates kafanchor neta & cooly runs upto his getaway copter. (b) Shankar keeps his yellow aircraft parked here perpetually.(c) Anyone can freely walk or even sit & cry on the runway. No security hassles.
  • Shankar's house is located in a rural area (Observe the deserted surroundings & poor lighting at his house). How do you suppose he goes to the shipyard everyday ? By his yellow aircraft, of course. (He's just got out of his aircraft, when he sees Kalia Shetty making a getaway & nabs him).
  • If an aircraft is affordable to a coolie then obviously Ambassadors & rickshaws have to be dirt-cheap. That explains how you can line up 30-Ambassadors & 150-rickshaws at an instant's notice. Thus Shanker can easily own an Esteem.
  • There are acres of barren land shown in many scenes (eg. climax fight with Bhulla, sister's rape, dad's way home before he gets murdered). These are obviously ear-marked for aircraft parking.

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